I am deeply saddened by the passing of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. Richard was a man of keen intellect who dedicated his life to making American stronger, safer and more respected. As a fearless and unwavering advocate for American principles and ideals, his presence on the world stage will be sorely missed. 

For nearly 50 years, Richard worked with leaders from around the world to achieve our common goals of peace, security and human rights. His work has undoubtedly saved countless lives and exposed many more to the tenets of freedom and democracy. 

Through his achievements as a father, a husband, a diplomat and a friend, Richard’s legacy will live through the years. Richard will be remembered as a determined advocate for the country he loved and the people he cared about. As we remember Richard and reflect on his laudable career, our thoughts and prayers will be with his wife Kati and the entire Holbrooke family.