Yesterday, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a commitment of $1 billion to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi).  This money will help Gavi immunize 300 million children and save an estimated 5 million lives through 2020.  The $1 billion commitment is subject to Congressional approval.  Congressman Smith released the following statement supporting USAID’s announcement:

“I applaud USAID’s commitment to Gavi and urge the Congress to approve the use of these funds.  Investing in child immunization contributes to the global goal to end preventable child deaths by 2035 and develop new approaches to accelerate progress towards ensuring child and maternal survival. Developing countries benefit from healthy and strong communities that can cultivate the next generation of leaders, innovators, doctors, and workers.  I would like to recognize all my constituents involved in RESULTS for all of their hard work on this issue and look forward to working with them to ensure Gavi is successful.”