Yesterday, Rogelia Ortega, Governor of the Mexico State of Guerrero requested prosecutors drop the charges against Nestora Salgado.  Ms. Salgado is a resident of Renton, WA who was arrested for her leadership in a community police group in her hometown of Olinalá in the state of Guerrero, which has a long tradition of legally-recognized community self-defense groups.
“I am very encouraged by the new Governor’s call to drop charges against Nestora Salgado.  This is a critical step forward, but we must continue to pressure Mexican officials to take action and bring resolution to this case.  I will continue to work closely with Nestora’s family and the Department of State to ensure she is released from prison.
The new Governor’s action adds yet another voice urging for Nestora’s release.  Last year, a Mexican federal judge dismissed the criminal charges against her and issued an order of immediate release from federal prison.  As her Member of Congress, Representative Smith has sent letters and made phone calls to the State Department to bring attention to the case and ensure Nestora can safely return to her family.