Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement after President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2016 budget request:

“Today, the President released a budget that prioritizes hard-working families who have not shared in or benefited enough from the economic recovery.  The budget proposal would eliminate loopholes and special interest tax breaks to raise the revenue necessary to invest in making paychecks go further, and improving access to education and good-paying jobs.  Our economy and our nation are the strongest when all Americans share in economic success.  The President’s budget aims to build such an economy.  
“In stark contrast, the Republican’s agenda remains focused on maintaining the status quo where the wealthiest Americans benefit and hard-working families struggle to make ends meet.  Moving forward, the President’s budget will set up an important debate that will help decide the direction of our country.  It is important that Congress stand with the President and hard-working families to fight for an economy that works for everyone.”