Smith Statement Opposing Republican Budget and Tax Plan

Washington D.C. – Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement after voting to oppose the Republican’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution and Tax Plan:

October 5, 2017

Congress has a responsibility to put forth a budget that expands opportunities for American families to prosper. We must invest in education, affordable health care, rebuilding our collapsing infrastructure, and growing our economy for everyone. The Democratic budget proposals offered this week on the House Floor would do just that.   

In contrast, the Republican budgets are not only cruel and irresponsible, they are unrealistic. They use budget gimmicks to give the appearance that they balance, and they fail to address the many pressing issues that the American people face both at home and abroad. Slashing critical federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid, eliminating essential nutrition assistance, and gutting veterans’ benefits is unacceptable. Republicans should be honest with the American people about what their budget resolution is - a vehicle to support their proposal to cut taxes on the wealthiest and disproportionately shift the tax burden to working Americans. The disastrous Republican budget and tax plan would threaten our economic progress and hurt American workers and their families.