WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) released the following statement today on the two articles of impeachment against President Trump:

“After careful consideration of the evidence and witness testimony, I plan to vote in support of both articles of impeachment against President Trump. Accountability is a central tenet of our democracy, and in this solemn moment, it is crucial that Congress sends a strong and clear message that President Trump—and all presidents who follow him—will be held accountable and will not be given a free pass to abuse the presidency for personal gain.

“We must uphold the ideals of our republic against this test of our democratic resilience. We cannot ignore the evidence before us, and we cannot allow our vision to be clouded by partisanship. We must uphold our country’s values.

“As always, I will vote with the interests of the constituents of Washington’s Ninth District at the top of my mind. They deserve better than a president who actively undermines our electoral process and repeatedly jeopardizes our national security. They deserve a president who respects, rather than corrupts, his or her office. This president has defied our system of checks and balances by ignoring congressional subpoenas and obstructing Congress. By pressuring a foreign government to investigate a political opponent, he has blatantly abused the power of the presidency. His actions fly in the face of the democracy that our founding fathers boldly established and that our uniformed men and women work dutifully to secure every day.

“Since the launch of the impeachment inquiry, I have read messages from my constituents, heard their questions at town halls, and met with them in our community. On countless occasions, I have heard deep concerns about the damage this president has done to our country; I have also heard from constituents who oppose impeachment. I want all my constituents to know that my decision to vote for articles of impeachment was not a political one, and I will continue my work on issues that are important to our congressional district—from reigning in the costs of health care and medications to addressing the affordable housing shortage to enhancing and expanding infrastructure. Representing and advocating for those in Washington’s Ninth Congressional District is not a responsibility I take lightly. In order to fulfill this duty, I will continue working to secure fairness, integrity, and accountability in our government.”