WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) released the following statement after the House passed H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, a sweeping package investing more than $1.5 trillion to rebuild America’s infrastructure while creating millions of good-paying jobs, combatting the climate crisis, and addressing disparities throughout the country.

“Investing in our infrastructure means investing in workers, manufacturing, and American ingenuity. The urgency and need to get people back to work is even greater after tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Moving Forward Act puts people to work on innovative, transformative projects in communities across the country.

“Recognizing that infrastructure goes beyond our roads, bridges, and public transit systems, this bold package also invests heavily in rebuilding America’s public schools and child care facilities, increasing our nation’s affordable housing stock, and laying the groundwork to transition to a green economy.

“The bill prioritizes equity, making strides to address long-standing disparities by investing in low-income communities with the greatest need. Today’s legislation ensures high-poverty schools can finally make urgent repairs, increases the number of child care facilities in existing deserts, and invests $100 billion into our nation’s affordable housing infrastructure to create or preserve 1.8 million affordable homes for low-income families and individuals at risk of homelessness. The legislation also makes an effort to address disparities by increasing high-speed broadband Internet access to close the ‘digital divide’ and prioritizes communities in persistent poverty.

“The Moving Forward Act puts climate change front and center in rebuilding America’s infrastructure. The bill would put us on a path to help decarbonize the transportation system and incentivize the development and deployment of clean and renewable energy. It also prioritizes investments in infrastructure supporting clean and safe drinking water, and other resiliency projects in communities of color and low-income communities who have historically been neglected by the federal government in its investments.     

“The Moving Forward Act will propel innovation by investing in research and development on everything from innovative construction materials, to alternative fueling infrastructure and autonomous vehicle safety, all while creating family-wage jobs with Davis-Bacon and other strong worker protections. Investments in our infrastructure system support our continued economic development by expanding our capacity to transport goods, encouraging competition, and providing job opportunities across the country.

“Infrastructure is critical to our future economic growth and stimulates the demand for goods and services that will ultimately benefit millions of people across the country. At a time where unemployment is at an all-time high and people across the country are suffering, we must get Americans back to work while combatting the climate crisis and addressing disparities throughout America. I am proud to support this infrastructure package and remain committed to delivering on the promises for far-reaching, forward-thinking progress for communities across the country.”