WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Peter King (R-NY) released the following statement after introducing the TSA Security Threat Assessment Application Modernization Act, which would require Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to streamline the application and renewal process transportation workers have to go through to receive certain TSA credentials.

“Transportation workers across the country must go through a process that is redundant and burdensome to hold three separate TSA credentials required by law. Renewal dates and fees are different for each of these requisite credentials, which results in wasted time and money for workers to simply keep doing their jobs,” said Rep. Smith. “The TSA Security Threat Assessment Application Modernization Act would require TSA to streamline this process so workers can more easily keep their credentials up-to-date. I want to thank my constituents for raising this issue affecting so many transportation workers, and I am proud to have the support from the Teamsters, the American Trucking Association and Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO in helping us find a solution.”

“I commend Congressman Smith for this legislation and look forward to working with him to make sure this measure becomes law,” said Rep. King. “To ensure our economic recovery from this pandemic we need our dedicated transportation workers focused on their important roles and not on bureaucratic tape. This legislation ensures that focus and reduces wasted time.”

Currently, certain transportation workers need three credentials in order to do their jobs: the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), the Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME), and TSA PreCheck. To obtain and renew these credentials, they must apply to three separate portals, pay three separate fees, and renew on different schedules varying by expiration date. The TSA Background Checks Modernization Act would require TSA to streamline this application process and establish a reduced fee structure for transportation workers applying for or renewing more than one of these credentials.

This bill does not make any modifications to the back-end security assessment conducted on individual applicants, ensuring that applicants must undergo the same level of review as they do under current law. The streamlined application and renewal process established by this bill would modernize the consumer-facing application process and reduce the burden on American transportation workers who must maintain more than one TSA credential.

The full text of the bill can be found here.  This legislation has been endorsed by the Teamsters; the American Trucking Association; and Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

Statements of Support:


“Truck drivers have enough to worry about these days; whether it’s dealing with the ongoing pandemic, safely navigating an 80,000 pound truck through city traffic, or meeting ever-tighter delivery windows, waiting to get their required credentials from the government shouldn’t be one of them. We applaud Congressman Smith and Congressman King for introducing legislation that will help drivers get on the job, and stay on the job, with fewer headaches and less time spent waiting to get their assorted credentials.”

American Trucking Association:

“Truck drivers are currently required to undergo duplicative STAs in order to obtain hazardous materials endorsements (HMEs) and Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWICs), navigating through a redundant and overly-burdensome process that is both timely and costly. The trucking industry would benefit significantly from legislation permitting an individual to enroll at a TSA-designated universal enrollment center once and use the application to enroll in two or more programs. The TSA Security Threat Assessment Application Modernization Act will ensure a streamlined enrollment and renewal process without sacrificing the integrity of TSA’s critical security obligations, and will save the trucking industry significant financial resources in unnecessary and duplicative fees. ATA is proud to endorse your thoughtful and timely legislation.”