I am very happy to have returned to Washington, D.C. after time away during my recovery from a second hip surgery this spring.  I am pleased to share that my condition continues to progress and I am now able travel to DC and attend more events in the 9th District.

In the past five months I have had two hip surgeries, one on each hip.  Due to these procedures and medical concerns related to traveling, I unavoidably missed votes in the U.S. House.  For every vote taken by the House during my absence, I have submitted my position to the Congressional Record.  I am committed to ensuring that my constituents have access to those records so they know where I stand on the issues.  My position on each matter considered during my time away appears in the Congressional Record and has been posted to my congressional website, accessible through the following:

Week of March 16th

Week of March 23rd

Week of April 13th

Week of April 20th

I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me and my office to wish me well in my recovery.  The outpouring of support has meant a lot to me and helped to keep my spirits up during the procedure and recovery.