Who can get a federal grant?

Most grants are awarded to:

  • Non-profits like charities, schools, and community organizations
  • State and local government agencies
  • Federally recognized tribes
  • Public safety agencies like hospitals, police, and fire departments

More information on who is eligible for grants can be found at www.grants.gov.

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How does your office help with grants?
My office can assist you with research for funding for a particular project or program, write a letter of support, and provide brief consultations about how to apply for private and other funds.  If requesting a letter of support, two weeks notice is preferred. Return to Top
Is there a local contact at federal agencies I can talk to about grants?

Yes, most Federal Agencies have regional or state offices. Information is listed on the federal grant websites:

Please reach out to our office for additional assistance.

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Where can I find grants to apply for?

You can find grant opportunities online at the federal grant websites:

These sites describe over 1,500 federal domestic assistance programs, financial and non-financial assistance administered by departments and agencies of the federal government. Return to Top
Where can I learn more about applying for federal grants?

You can visit the Grants.gov Youtube Channel to view their informational videos or visit their website for more information.

We recommend you watch our office's grant workshop webinars, listed on our website.

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