Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your work on this legislation.
I strongly support expanding trade adjustment assistance for a very simple reason. Workers in our country need help.
We all acknowledge that the economy has changed. And one of the main features of that change is rapid displacement of workers. They have to update their skill. They have to change jobs. It used to be you could get a job for a company that you knew was going to be there and a job that you knew was going to be there, and everybody acknowledges that has changed, primarily because of global competition and because of technology.
So this bill asks one very simple question: Do you think the workers of this country need help in this new environment with all of that rapid change, with all of the displacement that we have heard about from both sides of the aisle today? Do the workers in this country need more help to deal with that? Do they need a bridge between jobs, income support? And do they need training to help them be qualified for new jobs that will be available? And do they need health care support since so many people in this country's health care is dependent upon their jobs?
The answer to all of those questions is obviously yes. That is what this bill does. It expands the number of people who will have access to that desperately needed help. It gives our workers a chance.
We all know that the new economy in globalization is here to stay. We acknowledge that. But what we on this side of the aisle want to do is help our workers deal with that instead of just saying, Good luck. It's changed. You're going to be displaced. We hope it works out for you. Overall, we'll be fine.
We focus on those workers who need help, and this bill gives them more help. It expands the service sector workers, and it expands the number of displaced workers in this country who will get that income support, that job training, and that health care that they so desperately need.
I strongly urge support for this legislation.