Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09) made the following statement after his vote in support of the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act:
“America faces the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression.  Since this recession began approximately 3.6 million American jobs have been lost – nearly 600,000 last month alone. Americans are losing their homes and businesses, their jobs, their health care and their savings. This is not a time for us to stand by and hope our economy recovers on its own. We must act decisively. The longer we wait, the more jobs will be lost and I am not willing to stand by and watch as Americans continue to lose their jobs.
“The Economic Recovery Plan passed by the House today is not perfect, but it is the right size and scope to help stimulate our economy in the short-term and lay the foundation for long-term broad based economic viability. The plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs and make unprecedented investments in our infrastructure to modernize our roads, bridges and mass transit. It will cut taxes for 95% of workers, invest in an energy independent future and build energy efficient buildings and clean water projects.
“Voting for a stimulus package of this size was not easy, but it was necessary and urgent. I am deeply concerned about our growing deficit and have been for a long time, but the threats to our economy are real and doing nothing is simply not an option. We must use this crisis as an opportunity to invest in our country and build a stronger and more prosperous future.”


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