On January 30, Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) received the Washington Credit Union League’s “2003 Anchor Award.” 

The Washington Credit Union League gives this award annually to elected and other government officials who have advanced the financial well-being of the people of Washington state through support of credit unions.  Smith was nominated for the award for his commitment and dedication to working with the financial services industry and specifically the credit unions of Washington State. 

Since coming to Congress in 1997, Smith has worked closely with the Credit Union League on a variety of issues.  For example, he has worked hard to advance reasonable and balanced bankruptcy reform legislation that would require individuals who have the ability to repay their debts to do so, while preserving the important safety net of bankruptcy under Chapter 7 for those who truly need it and adding important new consumer protections such as requiring enhanced credit card disclosure information and encouraging participation in consumer credit counseling.  Most recently, Smith has supported legislation to help small non-profit religious organizations gain access to, and choice in, business loans through their community-based credit unions.  This access will help these organizations obtain essential sources of funds for vital community projects.

“This award is a very great honor,” Smith said.  “As a Representative in the Unites States Congress, I have worked on our nation’s policies regarding credit unions because I believe in the mission of credit unions – investment in our communities, expanding our communities, and strengthening our communities.  It’s been very easy for me to support their efforts because of their close and positive relationship with their neighbors.”