Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement on Earth Day:

“Protecting our planet is one of our greatest challenges.  Climate change continues to result in unpredictable and extreme temperatures, rising sea levels, and extreme weather, all of which threaten our environment and future generations.  In order to address the growing problem of climate change and to conserve our natural resources, Congress must make major improvements to our nation’s energy policy and take meaningful steps to reduce the impacts of global climate change.  

“We must continue to invest in and encourage the development of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  Building a clean energy economy that cuts carbon pollution and promotes wind, solar, low-carbon fuel, and other renewable energy technologies is critical to saving our planet.  

“Earth Day serves as a reminder that each individual and community must play a role in protecting and preserving our environment.  I am honored to represent a district that truly understands the importance of curbing climate change and caring for our environment.  It was great to see that many South Sound schools pledged to power down equipment and lights to recognize Earth Day, as well as those communities in my district which celebrated their support for environmental protection.  I look forward to continuing to work in Congress to promote legislation that combats climate change and protects our resources.”