House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member, Congressman Adam Smith, made the following statement in response to Ambassador Rice’s appointment as National Security Adviser:

“Susan Rice has the right combination of strategic vision and credentials to serve as a National Security Adviser. She is the clear choice to replace Tom Donilon. Ambassador Rice is a seasoned and skillful diplomat with a deep understanding of the national security challenges we face. Having served in senior positions at the United Nations, the State Department and the National Security Council, and as a member of the President’s Cabinet, Rice brings more than two decades of national security and foreign policy experience.

“From Iran and North Korea, to our challenges in the Middle East and across northern and western Africa, our country faces a wide of range national security challenges. Confronting those challenges requires strong leadership and experience. In the months and years ahead, Susan’s voice and strong record on these issues will be vital as we continue to confront security challenges around the world.

“It goes without saying that Tom Donilon has served with distinction, and he has been a tremendous asset to the President’s national security team. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”