SEATTLE, WA – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today issued the following statement regarding the months-long unfair labor practice strike taking place across King County by members of the Teamsters Local 174 Union. The ongoing strike against the region’s six major concrete suppliers has resulted in thousands of layoffs.
“For nearly ten weeks now, workers across King County have demanded better wages and benefits from their employers. Amidst thousands of workers being laid off, it has been reported that employers are now refusing to come to the bargaining table. This standstill comes at the expense of working people and hurts families. The actions by employers seem to indicate a greater interest in undermining unions rather than coming to the table to negotiate in good faith.
“For far too long, we have seen large corporations prioritize their own profits and shareholders at the expense of workers. That is why we have seen an increase in strikes across the country by workers demanding fair pay, better benefits, and a safer workplace. I firmly believe in the right to organize and the importance of unions for American workers, their families, and the strength of our economy. I am fighting in Congress to protect collective bargaining rights and strengthen worker protections.
“The failure to a reach a resolution in King County means that many transportation projects across the county – such as the reopening of the West Seattle Bridge and numerous Sound Transit projects – are at a standstill. This ultimately damages our community at a time when the region’s transportation infrastructure network is in desperate need of improvements. I urge the employers to come back to the table in good faith so that the parties can reach an agreement to get workers fair pay and benefits and projects moving forward again.”