Last night, Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) was named to the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee and the Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee.  

“I am very eager to continue my work on the House Armed Services Committee in the areas of “Air-Land” Forces and Terrorism.  With two military bases in my district and the clear need for greater national attention to terrorism and homeland security issues, these Subcommittees are great opportunities for me to work on issues that are critical to the Ninth District,” said Smith.  “Over the years on the Armed Services Committee, I’ve worked on modernizing our military and investing in tomorrow's technology, as well ensuring that Department of Defense resources are used efficiently and that America's fighting men and women have the tools and equipment they need to fulfill their missions.   I am proud to represent two bases, the Fort Lewis Army Base and the McChord Air Force Base, as well as thousands of military retirees, veterans, military families, and reservists.  I understand how important it is to recruit and retain the best and brightest for our Armed Services, and to do so, we must work to make military service an attractive career option.”

“I also believe that going forward, we must use technology as a tool for securing our nation and fighting the war on terrorism,” continued Smith.  “This means leveraging our national assets – including the National Labs, universities, the private sector and small business – to develop and bring to bear technologies designed to protect critical infrastructure, identify threats and prevent potential attacks, for example.  I will continue to work on these issues with my new assignments.” 

The House Armed Services Committee Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee is responsible for all Army and Air Force acquisition programs (except strategic weapons and lift programs, special operations and information technology accounts). In addition, the subcommittee will be responsible for all Navy and Marine Corps aviation programs, National Guard and Army and Air Force reserve modernization, and ammunition programs.  The Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee is responsible for Department of Defense counter proliferation and counter terrorism programs and initiatives. In addition, the subcommittee will be responsible for Special Operations Forces, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, information technology policy and programs, force protection policy and oversight, and related intelligence support.  For a complete description of the Committee and Subcommittee’s activities, visit

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