Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09) today released the following statement after Gov. Gregoire signed a measure legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington State into law:

“I am pleased to see the progress Washington State has made in recognizing marriages for same-sex couples. No couple should be denied the opportunity to enter into marriage and build a life together based on love, commitment, and mutual support. This is why I am a co-sponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act, which would allow the Federal government to recognize marriages that are currently legal in individual states.

“The passage of landmark legislation that allows all couples the ability to join in marriage moves us closer to becoming a more equal and fair society. But while we have made tremendous strides, more work must be done to achieve a society that provides all people with equal opportunity and basic human dignity.

“I am committed to protecting the rights of all men and women to love and honor their spouses and I look forward to working with my colleagues to see that marriage for all couples becomes a national reality.”