Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) announced today that he is requesting funding for the Marine Science and Technology program run by Highline Community College.

“It is exciting that a college in our community will have the only saltwater pier in the country that can be used for scientific research,” said Smith. “Located in the Redondo neighborhood, this waterfront facility will be on the leading edge of maritime research and will provide an invaluable tool not only to the students at Highline Community College but the center will provide hands-on learning to local residents as well.”

The center will provide opportunities for our community in the areas of environmental health, science, and technology education.  The MaST’s programs will increase environmental health awareness, literacy, and promote stewardship of environmental and business related health issues.  Training will include topics such as urban water quality, preserving marine dependent habitats, and minimizing ecological impacts of toxins released in the water.  The facility will be used to promote science and technology education to K-12, community college students, and community members, while providing training opportunities in science and technology to K-12 teachers.

Smith requested funding through the 2005 Labor, Health and Human Service, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations bill. It is expected that this bill will be finalized before Congress adjourns this year.