U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today issued the following statement after voting against legislation to provide $70 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with no constraints on the President’s policies.  Smith voted earlier this week for legislation to provide $31 billion for Afghanistan operations.  Smith also introduced a resolution today calling for an increased commitment in Afghanistan:

“We absolutely have to refocus on the rising violence in Afghanistan and the resurgence of terrorists that hit us on 9/11, and that cannot happen until we change course in Iraq.  The President’s policies would leave us tied up in a continued, costly occupation with no plan to reduce our presence below January 2007 levels. I firmly believe the President’s Iraq policy must change, and I voted ‘no’ for that purpose.

“This was a difficult vote for me.  I do not support cutting off funds for our troops while they are in combat, but that was not the decision before the House today.  We have months before Defense Department funds would begin to run out, months we should use to continue to pressure the President to change course.”