"I am obviously very disappointed with the Boeing Company's decision to move its corporate headquarters out of Seattle. Although this move will not have an immediate effect on the thousands of people in my district and throughout Washington state who have worked on the production of Boeing airplanes which in turn has contributed to the success of one of the country's most celebrated businesses, it is still disheartening to learn that Boeing will no longer be a Seattle-based business.

I believe the Puget Sound region offers one of the world's best locations for a successful businesses to grow and prosper, as Boeing itself has demonstrated since its creation in 1916. Nonetheless, we must determine the reasons behind Boeing's decision and, if necessary, address factors that damper Washington's business climate. By doing so, we will ensure that our region's economy continues to prosper and that our citizens have access to high-paying jobs.

I look forward to continuing to work with the thousands of engineers. machinists, and other Boeing employees in the Seattle region in the years ahead."