Today, U.S. Representative Adam Smith was pleased to vote for H.R. 5522, the Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for FY 2007.  While not perfect, the bill increases funding to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria, and to assist developing countries through Millennium Challenge Account (MCA).  It also provides critical funds for humanitarian relief in Sudan and more focused assistance for trade capacity building.

“Fighting poverty and disease in the world is not only a moral imperative, it’s in our interests as a nation,” said Smith.  “This bill takes positive steps to improve America’s leadership in that fight, but we must do more."

Added Smith, “I’m pleased that the bill includes $3.43 billion to combat AIDS, TB, and malaria, an increase of $750 million over the current level.  The scourge of AIDS and other infectious diseases are destabilizing continents and condemning generations to death, and this is a needed step to provide more help.”

“I was pleased to see that funding for the MCA was increased over the current level, but I was disappointed that the House budget allocation for the Foreign Operations subcommittee was reduced so that providing more funding for the MCA and other anti-poverty programs was not possible,” added Smith.

The bill provides $2 billion for the MCA, $248 million more than the current level but $1 billion lower than the President’s request.  The MCA provides assistance to developing countries that meet minimum standards of good governance, economic and political freedom, and investing in their people.

“I was also disappointed that the House rejected an amendment to increase funding for targeted poverty-reduction efforts such as safe water, health, and basic education programs.”  The amendment would have increased funding for the Development Assistance Account $250 million.

The bill also provides $450 million for humanitarian relief in Sudan, where the suffering continues in the Darfur region despite a fragile peace agreement.  “This critical funding is just one component of what must be a greater U.S. commitment to stop the atrocities in Darfur,” said Smith.

Smith also applauded the bill’s creation of a new $522 million account to consolidate existing assistance for trade capacity building.  “This provision will better focus our efforts to help developing countries reap the benefits of international trade,” said Smith.