Congressman Smith released the following statement in recognition of Memorial Day:

“On Memorial Day, we honor the men, women, and families of the United States military who every day protect our nation.  Whether it be emergency relief, security efforts, or development operations across the world, our servicemembers are always courageous, professional, and committed to represent this country in the best way possible.  Memorial Day offers us the opportunity to honor the memory of those who have fallen and extend our thanks to all members of our Armed Services who help keep our country free and prosperous.

“It is absolutely critical that the government and the Congress remain committed to members of the Armed Forces while they serve and when they come home.  We need to make sure returning veterans are given the opportunities and guidance to translate their skills to civilian jobs and businesses.  We also need to continue to work to reduce the thousands of backlogged VA claims and ensure that every veteran receives the support and care they need and were promised.

“As we honor and thank the men and women of our Armed Forces, both past and present, let us show our gratitude by continuing to work to make sure all active duty military and veterans receive the support and services that they deserve.”