Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) spoke today to students, staff and community leaders at the University of Washington on progressive internationalism and sustainable development.

In his speech, Smith stated, “We are at war with al Qaeda and w must fight terrorism throughout the globe and here at home. We must deal with the threat of failed states. We must promote economic engagement throughout the world. Diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are enormous challenges to stability and economic growth in developing nations.”

He goes on to state, “The White House has gone out of their way to push away friends, embolden critics and undermine any sense of progressive internationalism. Working with our allies and with institutions is simply the most effective way to keep America safe and strong. We cannot simply impose our will on others or pursue a narrow, myopic nationalism. In order to remain true to our best values, we must lead the world toward political and economic freedom.”

The complete text of the speech is available at: