Congressman Adam Smith made the following statement after his vote in support of the bipartisan Financial Recovery package, passed in the House today by a vote of 263 to 171:
"I am pleased that the Senate acted quickly to create a strong bipartisan solution to our country’s economic crisis. I am hopeful this action will provide the tools to help free-up our financial system and avert a much more severe economic downturn.”
“The Senate version of the package, which is actually three bills combined, includes not only the rescue package, but also a bill extending expiring tax cuts provisions and a mental health parity bill.  I support the thrust of these additional measures, which will help protect the middle class from a tax increase, spur greater investment in renewable energy, and help struggling Americans receive health care.  While I am concerned that some of these added provisions are not fully paid for, I believe the economic crisis our country faces demands that we act quickly and decisively. This legislation, while not perfect, is necessary to address the weaknesses in our economy and protect and help the American people in this time of crisis.” 
“This was not an easy vote, but we are not in easy times. Our country faces a severe economic crisis. This is not a time for inaction. The credit crunch is real and is having a serious effect on small businesses and individuals across the country. An economic slow down cannot be avoided at this point, but this bill can make it far less painful and hopefully give us a chance