U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (WA-09) today issued the following statement regarding President Bush’s budget request for fiscal year 2008:

“The President’s budget request again hides the true cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While the budget contains war costs for the coming year, it discontinues funding in 2009. The President has said ending the war in Iraq is a decision he’ll leave to another President, and he is increasing troop levels in Baghdad.  It is clear he believes his strategy will keep us in Iraq well beyond 2009.  President Bush is not being honest with the numbers. 

“President Bush wants to slash funds for Medicare, Medicaid, education, and environmental protection to pay for tax breaks for multi-millionaires.  This budget throws even more help to those who don’t need it and cuts the safety net from under those who need help most.

“Congress has a lot of work to do to fix the problems in the President’s budget, and we’re ready to go to work.  Democrats and members of the NewDem Coalition in particular will respond to this request with a progressive, pro-growth alternative to benefit all Americans and win the fight against terrorists without squandering more taxpayer dollars on failed strategies.”