WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) released the following statement today after the Senate voted to acquit former President Donald J. Trump in the impeachment trial for the incitement of the January 6th insurrection.

“The impeachment trial for Donald Trump should have been an open and shut case. Trump and his supporters spent months spreading the Big Lie and propaganda about the election, and on January 6th, the former president incited a violent mob to follow through on his advocacy of political violence. These pro-Trump extremists attempted to stage a coup, overthrow the democratic process, and violently overturn the certification of our free and fair presidential election. His hateful rhetoric the morning of the insurrection was consistent with his repeated refusal to denounce white supremacy and to stand up to racists, bigots, and anti-Semites, many of whom attended his speech and desecrated the Capitol. This heinous domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol should have been the wake-up call Republicans needed to finally stand up for our democracy. 

“There is no question that Trump violated his oath of office. He incited this mob, encouraged his supporters the morning of the attack, and refused to denounce or stop the violence which ultimately led to the death of five Americans, including members of law enforcement. We are forever grateful for the service of the Capitol Hill Police and others who stood tall in the face of danger and of those who lost their lives in defense of our democracy.

“From the very beginning, Trump and his co-conspirators, including many Republicans in Congress, lied about the presidential election in a brazen attempt to hold onto power, even at the cost of lives and our democracy. This crucial vote will almost certainly play a part in how these Senators will be remembered and judged by history. Trump demonstrated he was unfit to serve as President and is unfit to hold any public office in the future. This lack of accountability is antithetical and insulting to our democracy and our Constitution, and it is my hope that other courses of action will be taken to hold all those involved accountable. We must set a precedent for future Presidents to ensure that what occurred on January 6th can never happen again.”