Congressman Smith (WA-09) released the following statement after the Supreme Court's ruling on the Arizona immigration law:

"While I am pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down key provisions of Arizona’s immigration law, the remaining provision makes it clear that more must be done to address critical issues within our immigration system. I am disappointed that the Supreme Court decided to uphold the "Show Me Your Papers" provision of Arizona's immigration law. Unfortunately, this provision allows local law enforcement to rely on racial profiling, and no individual should fear being unfairly questioned by authorities solely based on their appearance or the color of their skin.

"However, the court's decision to strike down the remaining provisions that would have unjustly detained or punished innocent individuals, families and workers is an important step forward. Criminalizing unauthorized employment and allowing for warrantless arrests violates fundamental civil rights while failing to address the deeper flaws within our current immigration system. The court's ruling also makes it clear that it is the responsibility of the federal government, not states, to enforce immigration laws in this country.

"Immigration enforcement should focus our limited resources on those who pose risk to our national security and public safety, rather than those who are actively contributing to our society. I will continue working with my colleagues and the Obama Administration on comprehensive immigration reform that addresses our national security and economic needs while protecting the civil and human rights that are paramount to maintaining equality of opportunity in America.”