Washington. D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) issued the following statement today after the House passed H.R. 3684, the INVEST in America Act.

“The INVEST in America Act puts over $700 billion into communities across the U.S. to move our transportation system and water infrastructure into the 21st century. The bill puts climate change front and center, creates good-paying jobs, and improves the lives of Americans. These investments are critical not only for improving the safety and efficiency of our transportation system, but will also ensure a stronger and more equitable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I am happy the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee included $20 million in funding for 11 projects across Washington's 9th district. I have worked hard with community partners and elected officials from across the district to be sure we submitted qualified and highly needed projects. They will support the transition to electric bus infrastructure, improve access to public transit, create new and enhanced bike and pedestrian connections, increase safety, and repair vital transportation corridors for the region’s economy.

“The INVEST in America Act not only authorizes hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in our infrastructure but ensures we do so in a more sustainable and equitable way. This funding will help repair our nation’s roads and bridges, significantly expand public transit systems, and invest in existing and new passenger rail corridors. It will also bring about much-needed improvements in road safety through smarter street planning, safer routes to schools, and new walking and cycling paths.

“I am proud that the bill includes my Promoting Affordable Housing Near Transit Act to spur affordable housing development near transit lines and city centers. This provision will provide new opportunities for transit entities to partner with community-based organizations to utilize unused land for affordable transit-accessible housing. The INVEST in America Act incentivizes transit-oriented development, ensuring that our communities remain walkable, become better connected, and remain affordable despite the rapid economic growth in many of America’s cities.

“This legislation makes necessary investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, the largest source of emissions in the U.S. It will also help electrify the transportation system with tens of billions of dollars in funding for electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, zero emission buses, and greening the federal fleet of vehicles. The INVEST in America Act makes the largest down payment in public transit we have seen and establishes new funding sources specifically for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote resiliency for the impacts of climate change.  

“The water infrastructure investments made in this bill will finally address long-standing failure to ensure safe drinking water access for everyone. The INVEST in America Act dedicates over $115 billion in drinking water infrastructure and affordability, including the replacement of lead pipes across the country. 

“Through the INVEST in America Act, the House is making important strides in our commitment to revitalize our existing transportation systems, make ambitious, climate-friendly investments, creating new jobs, and promoting more equitable transportation investments.”