Today, the Supreme Court ruled on two cases dealing with same-sex marriage.  In the case of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the Court ruled the law unconstitutional, citing the Fifth Amendment, and enabling the federal government to recognize same-sex marriage.  The Court also decided that those trying to reinstate Proposition 8 had no standing, effectively restoring marriage equality in California.  Congressman Smith released the following statement after the decisions:
“The Supreme Court’s rulings on marriage equality today are a huge step forward for our country.  By striking down DOMA, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Constitutional right to equality for all Americans regardless of who they love.  Married same-sex couples will finally be recognized by the federal government and receive benefits previously denied such as Social Security survivor benefits, shared health insurance, and tax benefits for married couples.  Additionally, the Supreme Court ruled to return the right for same-sex couples to marry in California by allowing the lower courts to repeal Proposition 8.  
“Even with these rulings, significant work remains to ensure equal rights to the LGBT community.  Same-sex couples living in states that don’t recognize all marriages still face uncertainty and discrimination.  LGBT people can still be denied work simply based on who they are. Bullying in our schools is still a dangerous epidemic among youth who are or are perceived to be LGBT, and homelessness and poverty rates are still unacceptably high among LGBT people.  The Supreme Court’s decisions exhibit the tremendous progress we have made towards full equality, but we must remain committed to doing all we can to make sure equal opportunity and justice are realities for all Americans.”
Congressman Adam Smith has been a committed supporter in the fight for marriage equality and LGBT equal rights.  In February, he introduced the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act, that would ensure that same-sex spouses received equal benefits in our Armed Services.  He also has cosponsored the Respect for Marriage Act, which would have repealed DOMA, and signed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage.