Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09), Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, held a town hall Thursday evening in the Burien City Council Chambers to discuss the national budget and economic policy:

“I believe it is my job to listen to the people of the Ninth District and engage with them in open public forums. I will do my best to represent my constituents and do what I feel is best for the country,” said Smith.

During the meeting, Smith heard from concerned citizens who highlighted the need for job growth, addressing our mounting national debt and deficits, regulation of Wall Street, and worries about the future of programs like Social Security.

One small business owner was concerned about the extension of the Federal Aviation Administration’s funding bill, due to expire in September.  Rep. Smith assured her that he supports passing a long-term bill that will protect workers and grow jobs by allowing infrastructure improvements to move forward.

Before opening the floor to questions and comments, Rep. Smith emphasized the need for a balanced, comprehensive approach to fixing our fiscal and economic challenges.  “A complete debt-reduction plan will have to address revenue and cut spending in a responsible and balanced way,” said Smith.

Town halls and civil public debate are a longstanding tradition of our nation’s democratic process.