"I am encouraged to hear the preliminary reports of the recent oral arguments in the Court of Appeals' Microsoft case. While this process is still unfolding, it is my hope that the Court of Appeals will closely examine all the evidence and render a decision that would eliminate any future discussion of breaking up Microsoft. These proceedings have dragged on for nearly three years. For the sake of consumers and the technology industry in general, we need resolution to this matter soon.

I remain troubled by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's Lower Court ruling and its potential chilling effect on the "New Economy" and the technology industry at large. His support of a "remedy" to break Microsoft in two separate companies was unfounded. At no point has anyone been able to demonstrate harm to consumers -- indeed, Microsoft has consistently offered computer users better products at lower prices.

The technology industry remains vibrant and competitive -- by putting this lengthy and expensive trial behind us, I'm confident it will remian that way. Microsoft has made significant contributions to our nation's economy, to technological innovation and - perhaps most importantly - to the quality of life for American consumers. It is my hope and expectation that Microsoft will continue to be a leader and an innovator in tomorrow's marketplace."