Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) made the following statement on the death of Rep. Robert Matsui (D-CA):

“America has lost a great leader with the death of Rep. Bob Matsui. His story embodies so much of what is great about America: after being imprisoned in a World War 2 internment camp for Japanese-Americans, he worked hard and made his way to Congress so that he could fight for the rights of all Americans.  His leadership in rectifying the wrongs of the World War 2 internment camps is but one notable accomplishment in his long career in public service, but it is such an important one that he will undoubtedly be forever remembered for it. 

His commitment to the Asian-American community was unending and he was determined that every American should be treated equally. I enjoyed working with him on issues ranging from Social Security to trade to taxes.  We will miss Congressman Matsui’s counsel, his strong but patient leadership and his clear vision for a strong future for all Americans.”