The following is a statement from Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma):

“Tomorrow, we honor the memory of those who perished three years ago in the worst terrorist attack in United States history. The events of September 11th are forever burned in our memories. We must not and will not forget.

And yet, the fight against terrorism that began in earnest with the invasion of Afghanistan continues to this day. As we honor those who have died in the past, we must also remember those who have borne special burdens in the years since the attacks, particularly our first responders and the men and women of our Armed Forces.

We, as a nation, as a people, should continue to fight for those values we hold so dear: a world of freedom, dignity and liberty. As we pay tribute tomorrow to those who died on that fateful day three years ago, we must also honor those who fight for freedom, democracy and human dignity each and every day.”