Congressman Smith released the following statement after voting for legislation that will end the shutdown and avoid default:

“I am glad to see that Congress has agreed to legislation that ends the shutdown and keeps our nation from defaulting on our obligations, but this all should have been avoided. Republicans didn’t have the votes, yet still used the threat of a shutdown and default to try and force policies on Democrats that we cannot support.  This approach to governance was doomed to fail from the beginning.  

“Congress now has a few months to work on a larger budget agreement.  Until Republicans give up their attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and cut deeply into entitlements while refusing to include revenue increases, we won’t get anywhere.  If we are to get on a path towards fiscal certainty, we must do it through the regular budgetary process.  I will continue to work with my Democratic and Republican colleagues to pass balanced legislation that cuts spending and raises revenues. I can only hope the Republicans have learned that shutting down our government and threatening to default on our nation's obligations to force through their policy agenda is the wrong approach.”