WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) secured $1,000,000 as part of the INVEST in America Act for the Bellevue Transit Center Safety and Connectivity Project.

“On behalf of Bellevue residents and the City Council, I want to thank Congressman Smith for his role in the decision by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to allocate $1 million for the Bellevue Transit Center Safety and Connectivity Project,” said City of Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson. “With the transit center located across the street from the future light rail station in downtown Bellevue, creating a safe and seamless connection between them for people who walk, roll and bicycle is absolutely critical. This funding will help us do that and more. With rapid growth expected downtown, literally millions of transit riders each year will benefit from the investment. I whole-heartedly urge the full Congress to pass the infrastructure package of which this funding is a part.”

This project will reconstruct the intersections at both ends of the downtown Bellevue Transit Center and the new light rail station to improve safety and access for people walking, rolling, and bicycling.

This project is urgently needed before light rail service begins in Bellevue in 2023 to accommodate anticipated growth and facilitate safe, convenient, and accessible transfers between bus and light rail services. It increases safety for people walking, rolling and bicycling, supporting Bellevue’s Vision Zero strategy and goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injury collisions.

The project promotes public transit by facilitating convenient and accessible transfers between modes. This will maximize public benefit from the region’s $3.7 billion investment in the East Link light rail system and the region’s transit system. When complete, the project will provide a seamless bike and pedestrian connection between the downtown Bellevue light rail station and Bellevue Transit Center that are separated by 110th Avenue NE, the most active bicycle and pedestrian corridor in the City.

The project will support planned growth in downtown Bellevue as employers add 25,000 new jobs by 2025. Overall, this project will cultivate vibrant pedestrian environments that connect employees to local restaurants, retail, transit, entertainment, and other essential services.

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