Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09), Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, issued the following statement on participating in the Washington Innovation Summit’s panel, “How Washington Wins: Pulling Together the Drivers of Growth,” at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond:

“The pressures of competition from the international marketplace are greater than ever, and America’s continued economic success requires us to remain a leading force for innovation on the world stage. Today, I am pleased to participate in the Washington Innovation Summit along with local business and technology leaders whose pioneering work has placed the Pacific Northwest at the center of the New Economy. Our region provides a model for how the U.S. will succeed in the 21st century: Innovation driving entrepreneurship, moving industry in new directions, and setting the bar high for global competitors to follow.
“Policymakers must remember that government cannot create the spark of ingenuity for a new product, nor the drive to see that idea through to a fully-realized business venture. However we do have the responsibility to foster an environment that encourages new enterprises and helps businesses of the future flourish. This effort includes educating a world-class workforce, rewarding innovation, deploying and improving cutting-edge infrastructure, and balancing federal budgets—overall, setting the stage for successful entrepreneurship and growth.
“The South Puget Sound region has attracted many new high wage, high-tech jobs, especially in the fields of scientific innovation and security advancements. I am proud of the businesses and people of the South Sound whose accomplishments in biotech, aerospace, and green technologies demonstrate the advantages of doing business in our community, and I am always looking for any way I can help them succeed.
“America’s economy is continuing to become more global, dynamic and technology-driven. While governments don’t create commerce, they certainly enact policies that make it easier or more difficult for economies to thrive. Policy and business leaders must work together to advance the competitiveness of U.S. products, spur innovation, and provide global leadership into the 21st century.”