WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) submitted a Community Project Funding request of $850,000 for the Maritime High School (MHS), Highline Public Schools in South King County, Wash. to the House Appropriations Committee.

“I am thrilled that Congressman Smith thought highly enough of Maritime High School to include it in his set of requests for Community Project Funding,” said Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Highline Public Schools. “Maritime High School will be a unique, project-based school focused on the maritime industry and marine sciences, a major industry in the Puget Sound region and Washington State.  Serving our diverse students in South King County and introducing them to the wide variety of high wage, high demand jobs that are in the maritime and marine sciences industry can do nothing but benefit our state and the industry.”

The Highline School District, the Port of Seattle, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition DRCC, and the Northwest Maritime Center have collaborated to design and launch a stand-alone Maritime High School (MHS) in South King County. The vision for MHS is to provide a world-class education, within a historically impacted community, that advances the next generation of leaders, innovators, and professionals across maritime related fields.

The maritime industry is a pillar of the state’s economy, yet workforce gaps threaten the sector and the current education and workforce system is woefully underprepared to support a diverse and inclusive workforce. At a time when our region has created more new wealth than many other metropolitan areas in the country, area schools offer few educational career pathways into maritime careers and marginalized communities have limited access to waterfront jobs. This funding will help MHS in its first academic year beginning in the fall of 2021 to establish inclusive programs, policies, and practices to ensure that maritime career opportunities are accessible to all students, focusing on the school’s capacity to recruit, prepare, and empower students who are under-represented in maritime and ocean science careers.

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