Congressman Adam Smith (D-Wash) today expressed concern over recent statements by European government officials that Airbus might receive further launch aid subsidies for the development of the Airbus A350.

“I am concerned by recent press reports indicating that France, Germany, the UK and Spain are seriously considering providing upwards of $5 billion dollars in launch aid to Airbus for the development of the A-350, especially since the World Trade Organization is poised to render a decision on the legality of this type of subsidy in the coming weeks.

“I firmly agree with the U.S. Trade Representative that further European government support for Airbus would be a ‘major step in the wrong direction.’  

“Airbus is a profitable company that should compete on a level playing field. They should invest their own cash and commercially borrowed funds in new products and services, not receive government subsidies to fund a significant portion of their development.  This is in stark contrast to the market realities that Boeing faces every day.  This assistance would allow Airbus to unfairly compete with American industry and American workers.

"I hope that the European countries involved will decide that this is not the best course of action."