Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement after the Supreme Court of the United States’ (SCOTUS) decision in McCutcheon v. FEC case:

“I am disappointed by the SCOTUS decision today that struck down limits in the federal law that restricted how much individuals could donate to campaigns, parties, or political action committees.  This ruling will put even more political influence in the hands of an extremely small percentage of wealthy people and limit opportunities for candidates that lack the support of wealthy donors from winning office.

“In order to maintain the democratic election process, we need a system where all citizens are empowered and able to participate.  A viable public financing system would help to ensure that all of our citizens, regardless of economic resources, have a powerful voice.  That is why I am a cosponsor of the Government By the People Act which would allow candidates to run competitive campaigns by relying on small dollar donors and reduce the influence of big money in politics.”