Congressman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) spoke on the House floor today regarding Trade Adjustment Assistance.  The following is a short excerpt from his statement followed by the link to his statement online.  

“I rise today to urge the Senate to pass the strongest possible Trade Adjustment Assistance package.  Workers desperately need help dealing with the new economy.  It is the land of opportunity for all of us but there are also challenges.  Workers must continually have access to training and education to update their skills...

“I am a strong supporter of trade.  As a New Democrat, it is one of our top priority issues to open trade throughout the world and give us access to other markets.  Connected to that however, we have to help the workers of our country deal with the challenges and opportunities that come along with that...If the Senate were to put together that type of package, and pass a Trade Promotion Assistance bill with a strong Trade Adjustment Assistance piece, I am very confident they would be able to pass it in the House and they would move forward on two critical policies for this country.”

For more information on Congressman Adam Smith’s position on Trade Promotion Authority, please visit for additional press releases and an audio file of this statement from the House floor.