“Today, Democrats are answering the call from the American people to restore our democracy with a broad package of reforms to take on campaign finance regulations, expand voting rights, and improve ethics in all three branches of the federal government. Renewing confidence in our democracy requires a multifaceted approach, and I am proud to support this important step in reforming our electoral process, restoring integrity to campaign finance, and promoting ethics.

“I strongly support the transparency this legislation will bring to our campaign finance system. To reduce the prevalence of corporate and foreign funding of our elections, we must move toward public financing for all elections to federal office. Our current privately-financed system, along with court rulings that have gutted earlier campaign finance reform laws, allows the wealthiest individuals and corporations to hide their spending. We must bring dark money out in to the light for public scrutiny and put the political power back in the hands of everyday Americans.

“Following the Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder more than five years ago, more than two dozen states have enacted anti-voter laws that make it harder to register and more difficult to cast ballots. Increasing access to elections supports free and fair elections for Americans to make their voices heard at all levels of government. H.R. 1 prioritizes electoral equity, by modernizing voter registration for the 21st century. By requiring early voting options, supporting voting by mail efforts, and increasing voting locations near public transportation, the legislation will empower voters across our country and expand access to polls. Every American must be guaranteed a voice in our democracy – and H.R. 1 is a critical first step in restoring that promise.”