Congressman Smith released the following statement after House Republicans passed legislation attempting to ban the President from taking executive action on immigration reform:
“Today’s passage of  H.R. 5759 proves once again that House Republicans’ priorities for immigration reform are to obstruct progress and to rip families apart.  It is shameful that House Republicans are willing to take immediate action on this bill to restrict the President’s authority to provide relief for millions of undocumented immigrants, but for over a year have refused to allow a simple vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  
“While Republican leadership continues to play politics, millions of people and families are suffering.  They cannot wait any longer.  That is why I opposed this legislation which tries to ban the President from using his authority to improve our immigration system and bring millions out of the shadows.  I will continue to fight for deportation relief, reforms to our immigration detention policies, and most importantly for comprehensive immigration reform.  We must come together to pass a meaningful comprehensive immigration reform bill that keeps families together.”