Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement opposing the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (T-HUD) Appropriations bill:  

“Investments in our nation’s transportation network and infrastructure provide for thousands of jobs, the safety of our citizens, and the efficient movement of goods, all of which is critical for our economic growth.  Despite this, Congress has been unable to implement forward-thinking policies and spending on transportation programs.  The FY2016 T-HUD Appropriations bill is simply another failed attempt to responsibly invest in our infrastructure.  It ignores the fact that our roads, bridges and railways are crumbling, and instead locks in the indiscriminate cuts of sequestration, leading to woefully underfunded infrastructure programs like TIGER Grants and Amtrak.  Congress should not stand for this.

“Additionally, the FY2016 T-HUD Appropriations bill falls short in funding for housing and urban development.  The bill slashes funding for new Section 8 Rental Assistance vouchers and also does nothing to restore the 67,000 vouchers that were lost due to harmful sequestration cuts.  As most of the country continues to struggle from the Great Recession, we need to ensure families have the support necessary to work their way back into the economy.  This bill fails to provide that critical support.  

“Until Congress can come together and eliminate the harmful and mindless cuts of sequestration, funding for critical programs like transportation and housing will continue to be slashed.  I deeply understand the importance of improving infrastructure in the US and investing in housing and urban development programs, and despite the challenges, I will continue to do all I can to advocate for responsible investments in these priorities.”