SEATTLE, WA – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) recently announced the 15 Community Project Funding Requests he submitted to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 appropriations bill.
Local leaders and organizations are celebrating the announcement as an important step forward for the realization of these projects, which will make investments across the Ninth District in mental and behavioral health care, affordable housing, public transportation, criminal justice, public safety, education, technology, small business, local economy, and more.
See below for statements of support from local leaders, organizations, and governments.

Africatown Community Land Trust – Walker Street Homes

“We are pleased to be one of the projects selected to be given funding by the office of Congressman Smith. When completed, this project will create much needed affordable homeownership opportunities in the Central District of Seattle's historically African American community. This community has faced gentrification and development pressures over the past decade that have displaced the community's homeowners. When completed this project will create 24 two-bedroom condos that will create not only new homeowners, but it will result in generational wealth building in a community that has faced redlining and other economic impediments to ownership.”Muammar Hermanstyne, Africatown Community Land Trust

Cham Refugees Community – Cham Community Center
“These funds will go towards the development of the Cham Community Center. The urgent need of this facility will help the Cham Refugee Community (CRC) fight displacement and will also enable them to thrive in place. The Chams are an ethnic minority and due to cultural and language barriers, they are unable to fully access services from other communities. CRC is the only organization nationwide that can provide holistic services, support and programs that are culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate to this underserved community. Through Congressman Adam Smith’s support, CRC will remain a vital cultural anchor in the Rainier Valley as they have been for the last 3 decades. This new facility will be a hub from where CRC will continue providing holistic services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to the Cham community and other underserved communities of refugees, immigrants, and low-income communities of color. CRC is grateful for Congressman Adam Smith’s staunch support for the Ninth District and securing much needed funds to communities and projects that make the Ninth beautiful and a wonderful place for all.” – Cham Refugees Community (CRC)
City of Bellevue – Digital Equity for Affordable Housing
“Access to high-speed internet connectivity from home is an essential part of bridging long-standing gaps in equity. This community project funding through Congressman Smith’s office will help Bellevue begin to realize our vision of providing free high-speed internet access in all of our affordable housing. Ensuring equitable access to free high speed internet as a built-in service is a key step to creating a city where all residents have easy access to the digital economy.” – Mayor Lynne Robinson, City of Bellevue
City of Renton – Monroe Avenue Northeast (NE) Stormwater Quality Treatment and Infiltration Facility  
“We are honored that Congressman Smith is putting forward a $2.5 million request from the City of Renton for the Monroe Avenue NE Stormwater Infiltration Project. This critical project has water quality and flood risk reduction benefits and will help contribute to overall salmon recovery efforts in our region. We hope Congressional appropriators will fund this project and thank Congressman Smith for his work and leadership.” Mayor Armondo Pavone, City of Renton
Filipino Community of Seattle – Filipino Community Village 2
“Congressman Adam Smith has all the qualities of an effective leader. He goes out to the community to learn about their needs and work to help support it. He is well connected to the people of his community. We are thrilled that funding for the Filipino Community Village has been submitted for consideration in the FY 2024 appropriations bill.” – Agnes Navarro, Executive Director, Filipino Community of Seattle

Submitting projects to the House Appropriations Committee is the first step in the process and does not guarantee they will be funded.  Find more information about the FY 2024 Community Project Funding requests here.