Today, Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) introduced two bipartisan bills in an effort to streamline government spending: H.R. 2902, the Corporate Subsidy Reform Commission Act, and H.R. 2903, the Program Reform Commission Act.

“Government should be a positive force in our lives – Americans deserve a dynamic, progressive government that constantly changes with the times to meet their needs. We cannot solve the problems of today while saddled with the bureaucracies of yesterday,” said Smith.  “To ensure this change we must be willing to seriously examine existing programs and agencies, phase out programs and corporate subsidies that are no longer useful and eliminate waste and ineffectiveness from all areas of our government.”

"The best way to ensure fiscal responsibility is to continually reexamine federal programs and subsidies, and to root-out wasteful spending," said Shays, who serves as Vice Chairman of the House Budget Committee and House Government Reform Committee.  "We need to make government more efficient and effective, and focus our limited resources on programs that truly make a difference in people's lives."

The bills would create bipartisan commissions to identify wasteful government programs and subsidies, and recommend them for elimination. Commission members will be appointed by the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders (two members each, including one co-chair each) and the House Majority and Minority Leaders (two members each).  In addition, the bills urge Congress to promptly consider legislation that would implement the Commissions’ findings and recommendations. 

Joining Reps. Smith and Shays as original co-sponsors of both bills are Reps. Ed Case (D-Hawaii), John Carter (R-Texas), John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), and John Tierney (D-Mass.).