Congressman Adam Smith released the following statement recognizing Equal Pay Day: 

“The Equal Pay Act was signed into law over 50 years ago, yet women still are paid less than men across all levels of education and occupation.  The pay inequality that exists for women is discriminatory, harmful, and unacceptable. As women make up a growing percentage of the workforce and their family incomes, this pay gap has a devastating impact on children, spouses and the family as a whole.  More must be done.
“We must pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to help ensure women are paid equally for equal work.  This legislation, introduced by Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), would make it easier for women to file class-action lawsuits, require employers to provide proof that pay disparity is based on performance and not gender, and prohibit employers from punishing employees who discuss salary information in the work place.  I am an original cosponsor of this bill because it takes further steps to fix the discriminatory pay gap between men and women.  
“Equal Pay Day serves as a reminder that our current laws are not protecting pay equality.  When women are paid equally for equal work, it benefits us all, and Congress must do more to ensure that they do.”