U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (WA-09) will join colleagues in meetings with both Speaker-designee Nancy Pelosi and President Bush this week to discuss the New Democrat Coalition’s agenda in the 110th Congress, as well as the needs of his constituents. 

“The New Democrat Coalition worked closely with Speaker-designee Pelosi to shape the Democratic Agenda while we were the minority party in Congress, and this week we will discuss how to implement, among other things, our Innovation Agenda now that we are in the majority,” Smith said.  “We look forward to joining with our colleagues in the Democratic Caucus to support the Speaker-designee’s ‘100 Hours’ plan.  And, we expect to work with our colleagues to enact a progressive agenda that will create broad-based economic prosperity, enhanced national security and more opportunity for all Americans.

Regarding the upcoming meeting with President Bush, Smith said: “We hope the invitation to meet with President Bush signals his willingness to set a more bipartisan tone in his congressional relations.  In the past, the Republican approach to bipartisanship has been to huddle among themselves, let Democrats know what they decided, and then demand our support.  Increased dialogue with Congress could help to bring a more balanced, thoughtful approach to our nation’s policies.” 

“I look forward to the chance to discuss specific policies with the President, including the Innovation Agenda backed by the NDC, Speaker-designee Pelosi, and the wider Democratic Caucus.  I also plan to convey my concerns about the continued deterioration of the situation in Iraq.”

Smith is a key Democratic voice in Congress:

  • Smith is the only Democrat serving concurrently on the House Armed Services and the House International Relations Committees.  This dual assignment provides him a unique perspective on the military and diplomatic issues in Iraq and around the world.
  • Smith is also the co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition, which is expected to grow to 60+ members in the 110th Congress.  New Democrats have built a reputation as the "go-to" group in Congress on the critical issues of economic growth, national security, personal responsibility, and technology development.

Information on the Innovation Agenda can be found at: http://www.housedemocrats.gov/news/librarydetail.cfm?library_content_id=557