Congressman Adam Smith (D-Tacoma) announced today that he will oppose the Iraq supplemental funding legislation.

“If the costs associated with this spending bill were offset, I would support this bill,” Smith said. “However, this funding package before Congress today is fundamentally flawed, irresponsible and it is unacceptable. I am of the firm belief that we must pay for it now. We should not simply add the $87 billion to the already growing federal debt, as this bill wants us to do. If we are not willing to make this sacrifice today, we are piling on the enormous debt future generations of Americans will inherit.”

Smith still believes that the only responsible policy to protect both the Iraqi people and our national security is to support our troops and support rebuilding efforts in Iraq.  “I don’t agree with those that want to bring all of our troops home and abandon our mission in Iraq,” he said.  “I am hopeful that this specific spending package will be rejected, and the White House will work with us in finding a way to pay for these costs.”

Smith attempted to offer an amendment that would pay for the President’s request by scaling back the tax cuts going to Americans in the top tax bracket over the next ten years – those earning over $311,000 a year would receive $600 billion in tax cuts, instead of $690 billion under the existing Bush tax cut plan.

“Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in Congress did not permit my amendment to be considered,” Smith said. “We should have been given the opportunity to consider this proposal, as well as any spending cuts people would like to put on the table.  I am open to all options to find a way to pay for this spending.”

“I am voting against this bill in the hope that it will be rejected, and that President Bush will come to Congress and work with us to fully fund our troops and the rebuilding of Iraq, but does so in a fiscally responsible manner.  It would be in the best interest of our military, the Iraqi people, and our country to do so.”