Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Cal Dooley (D-Calif.), and Jim Davis (D-Fla.) today strongly urged the Republican leadership to bring important bankruptcy reform legislation to the floor this week.  The Republican leadership has failed to make a firm commitment to schedule a vote this week on the conference report, which enjoys strong bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.  

Today they issued the following statement:

“The New Democrat Coalition has been working aggressively for years with the business and financial services community to advance responsible bankruptcy reform legislation.  The NDC has consistently made the legislation a top priority and has delivered a wide base of support for the bill.  As New Democrats, we support policy that advances the principles of fairness and personal responsibility.  

“In spite of broad bipartisan support, the Republican leadership is threatening to hold up one of the most important bills this session because of the objections of a few fringe pro-life groups.  In the past few weeks, leaders of the New Democrats, who have supported this legislation from the beginning, have been garnering support for the rule and we are confident that we will get significant bipartisan support for this legislation.  Yet, even with this support, there is growing concern that the Republican leadership could bow to pressure from the extreme elements of their party.  

“We, as members of the New Democrat Coalition, wonder what the Republican leadership is waiting for.  If they schedule a vote, the bill will pass with a strong bipartisan majority.  Its time to stand up to the far-right wing and bring this important legislation to the House floor.”